How much disk space do you really need. According to the average website page is 2mb. So a 200 page site would require 400mb of storage and would consume 12GB of bandwidth if it received 200 page views a day (highly unlikely for most small business websites). You can check your pages sizes at

How much website storage do you really need. At Full Value Host we spend on server performance - after all would you trade unlimited storage space for true virtualization, a SAN redundant system and WPAccelerate page chaching that keeps your site up and running?

We offer 4 plans with 3-5GB of SAN storage. For example - we have one static HTML5 - Bootstrap site with 130 HTML page, 2 PHP forms and about 160 graphics that uses under 900MB of server space and and 2.5GB bandwidth. We also have busy Wordpress sites that consume

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