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Website Maintenance

Running a small to mid-sized website but don't have the time or resources to hire a full time staff to maintain your site. Full Value Host can help you in many ways.

100% Site Uptime

Our Capabilities

Below is a list of the services we offer for site owners who want help with their site maintenance:

  1. Editing content.
  2. Adding and optimizing images for both desktop and mobile.
  3. Speed testing and optimization to meet Google standards.
  4. Adding a carousel or new effective headers.
  5. Adding a web form for contact or other uses.
  6. Backing up MySql databases
  7. HTML5 verification for maximum performance on Google.
  8. Writing content.
  9. Social Media maintenance, setup and other related services.
  10. Making your site mobile friendly.
  11. Adding a shopping cart
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