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Full Value Host High Availibility Shared Hosting Plans

Cloud Servers that run on High-Availability “out of the box” without the need to buy multiple servers for redundancy and spend your time on complex configurations. It's the affordable small business solution to high availability.

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The IPs of each Server, switch automatically to another Node in the High-Availability Cluster without data loss in case of hardware failure offering you peace of mind and 100% Uptime Guarantee written in our SLA.

All plans are hosted on the CloudLinux Virtualized OS high availability SAN Networks for enterprise level uptimes. You receive dedicated resources as if it was your own Cloud VPS. Other sites on the same server will never crash your site. Features of all plans are listed below, the only difference is RAM, Cores and (Unmetered) Bandwidth allotments. Prices are in US dollars.

Full Value Host Provides "Full Value"

We have designed our high availability hosting plans from the ground up to provide competitive pricing for small to medium sized businesses. There's no "nickle and diming" - just great value and just about everything any website needs. See our plans listed further down on this page.

Full Value Host High Availability Hosting

See all of the many features of cPanel available to most of our plans.

What We Don't (can't provide)

1. Unlimited Bandwidth - This is simply a myth that was started years ago by hosting companies as a loss leader to attract your business. Every server on the Internet is limited as to how much bandwidth it can deliver, so unlimted just isn't possible. What we do you give you is unmetered bandwidth, so if you do use excessive amounts of bandwidth on a regular basis your site will stay up. We can then discuss a more appropriate plan for you.

2. Unlimted Storage Space - You guessed it - yet another myth for the same reasons as unlimited bandwidth. If you have a 1TB drive on your device and can store 2TB on it, please let us know and we will glady adopt your genius and probably hire you. Once again we can't deliver on unlimited hard drive space, but we do offer a generous amount of server space for each hosted site.


By ordering any of our plans you agree to comply with our Terms and our SLA Agreement.

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