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Accelerate WP For Wordpress

Accelerate WP For Wordpress

If Accelerate WP is available in your hosting plan you will see a link to it in your Wordpress menu and the above image. AccelerateWP - is a set of optimization modules available for sysadmins and website owners. It allows users to find and troubleshoot performance issues at both the server and application level. It is accessible from the cPanel control panel, and can be enabled or disabled in cPanel’s feature manager. There are a few modules available with AccelerateWP:

    Available Accelerate WP Modules

  1. Site Caching - Site cache dramatically improves load times by storing the output from complex processes required to load the content of your website
  2. Website Optimization - Optimize the way your website functions to improve the actual and perceived load times for your visitors
  3. Content Optimization - Optimize the delivery of videos, images and files

For more regarding Accelerate WP please visit The Cloud/Linux Website